Hummingbird 626 Project

Lots of things have been happening since I wrote last.  I'll continue to write more about what's happened as soon as I wrap my mind around it all. In the meantime, one of the updates is my creation of the Hummingbird 626 project.  I'm working on shifting (again) from this domain to another domain: … Continue reading Hummingbird 626 Project


Lift every voice [again] and…?

It's time for a re-post. From Saturday, January 21, 2017 to early Monday, January 23, 2017 a storm system with about 5 waves of severe weather ravaged the Deep South. In Albany we experienced another set of, equally destructive, yet totally different, storms. Even more citizens are left with nothing, and some lost the most precious gift of all: their lives.

Lift every voice and…?

On Monday evening, January 2, 2017, around 10:00pm EST, a storm system came from Alabama through southwest Georgia.  The height of the event lasted around 30 minutes, with folks who were awake huddling in closets and bathrooms riding out tornado warnings. That storm, regardless of how it's been classified, ripped through the heart of Albany, … Continue reading Lift every voice and…?

Might as Well: overcoming grad school purgatory

Grad school purgatory, as I've decided to call it, is rough.  It's that time many of us experience between our defense and our final draft of our thesis or dissertation, where most of the pressure is off, but you're still not in the clear.  Your defense is arguably the most stressful moment of graduate school: … Continue reading Might as Well: overcoming grad school purgatory

A shiver in the woods

Stepping out onto a trail, whether I'm alone or with people, is my drug.  It doesn't need to be a steep, long, arduous trail; it can be short wander down a path and back.  Just the act of putting one foot in front of the other, without being on a sidewalk and watching for cars … Continue reading A shiver in the woods

The Great Unveiling

I've succumbed. I told myself I never would.  I'm a Google fanatic.  I love having one place for everything of mine. But man, WordPress is slick. I've made the move from Blogger to WordPress.  I'm not disappearing, by any means, I'll just be updating the Wondering Wanderer from here now.  Please, please, please don't leave me … Continue reading The Great Unveiling

Goodbye…Again…and Thanks.

Two weeks ago I drove my technicians back to the field after they dropped off our work trucks.  I returned them to their personal vehicles at the check station and one by one they kicked up dust on our gravel road out of their summer home, on to the next adventure.  I spent the night, … Continue reading Goodbye…Again…and Thanks.