Hummingbird 626 Project

hbirdmark.jpgLots of things have been happening since I wrote last.  I’ll continue to write more about what’s happened as soon as I wrap my mind around it all.

In the meantime, one of the updates is my creation of the Hummingbird 626 project.  I’m working on shifting (again) from this domain to another domain:  This new space represents my writings but also my photography.  It also has room for expansion: if I wanted to begin sharing and selling artwork, and if I want to expand my mediation experience.

[Sidenote: I suppose this is big news, too.  I took a course on civil mediation and am now a certified mediator for the state of Georgia.  If you are looking to settle civil matters “out of court,” that’s one of the ways to do it.  Mediators are neutral 3rd parties you can hire when you have a dispute with someone that seems unsolvable.  We come in and massage the environment in a way that makes it more conducive for two feuding parties to reach a solution together.  We don’t decide for you, we just help you work through it together.]

Anyway, so from now on I’ll be posting in hummingbird626.  I’ll still primarily be blogging for now, but I’m also going to begin working on my photography portfolio (which you can also find on this facebook page).  If you follow this blog via email I’d love for you to follow my new page in the future.  If this is your first time reading it, please consider flitting over to to check it out and let me know what you think!

That’s all for now,




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