I am the strong one.

That is a self-imposed title.  But if I look at my life, look at those I know and love, everyone else has something bigger going on than I do.  I’m not going to air laundry here, but that’s just how it is.

Well, until this big thing happened in my own life.  But I’ve spent a while making myself be strong for everyone else, being the one who has it together so that if someone needs to talk to me, they can without fear of my interjections with my own sagas.  I’ve spent long enough that sometimes I’m not sure I know how to be broken anymore…I’m not sure I know how to let myself…be vulnerable.

Don’t misunderstand, I haven’t been burned by someone, well, ever.  Maybe once, but that blame isn’t totally on the other party.  To be honest, I’ve probably done my share of the burning; I think my mission to be “strong” became a spirit of “I don’t need anyone,” somewhere along the line.
Pro-tip: those two are not the same.  They can sometimes feel the same, when you’re the one emoting, but…I can bet they don’t feel the same to everyone else.

So now here I am.  Broken, tired, and weak.  But the wrinkle is that currently, it’s the inner layer that’s broken.  Like a burned-out light bulb: you look at it, you shake it and you can hear the burnt filament, but the outer glass is fine.  A cursory glance probably won’t tell you it’s broken.

In my heart of hearts, I know I need to be totally broken to be rebuilt.  Yes, I get it.  Break me down to the raw building blocks, then put me back together.  But I’ve spent so long willing my blocks together, they are not falling down easily.  They haven’t fallen down yet, not all of them, anyway.  I know how,  I guess.  The very thing (me) holding myself together is the thing that needs to let me go.
Ever tried that?  I’ve got news for you if you haven’t: it ain’t easy.  It’s not fun.  It takes a whole lot of courage to go toddler-mode and knock those blocks down.  And frankly, I’m not feeling very child-like.

But as for me, I am poor and needy;
    may the Lord think of me.
You are my help and my deliverer;
   you are my God, do not delay.


2 thoughts on “Vulnerablility

  1. I get it and understand your intent. Be careful and don't try to delete any life experiences that make you a stronger person. The real world is kin to nature, brutal, raw and very unforgiving to the weak. You are stronger by design than you think &/or want to be. Head high, back straight and strive forward.. . . You can do it. (hehe)


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