Big Bear

The mojo broke this week.

In a big way.  We caught 5 bears!  FIVE!  The most memorable two were caught Friday morning (oh yeah, a two bear day) when the three committee members came into town.  Both were in traps Casey set (which is really exciting for her!), and she happened upon both of them. 
She, Ben (visitor), and I took the first one:
150lb male bear…paw.
Hooker, Josh, and the committee took the other one:
388lb male bear
Um. Yeah. Dassa big bear.  
Josh-ism for the day: the only way to make that bear bigger is to put Annaliese next to it.
I mean, it’s the truth.  This guy was huge.  I wasn’t even sure how to get next to him to take this picture.  His head was giant.  He was just…giant.  283 more pounds than me.  WHOAH.
Okay, gushing over.  I’m just glad that the committee got to see some actual bear work while they were down for the day.  I know it meant a lot to the students to be able to show them how things work.  And I know it was fun for the committee to be involved, particularly with such a stellar bear.  
I told you last week that I’d try to take pictures of Albert Jenkins Rd when it was dry so you could see the potential catastrophe of rain…So here are some shots of the worst hill:

 Nuts, right?

Anyways, not much new to report on the bear stuff.  The previous blog is really where my mind has been this week, and thus where my words are.  Don’t get me wrong, the newness isn’t wearing off, the excitement isn’t dimming.  I still get flutters when we get a bear, and my eyes shine a little brighter when I get to touch them.  But there are only so many things I can tell you about our day-to-day life.  So you get to listen to my thoughts on everything else too.  That’s part of the title: Wondering Wanderer.  Sometimes work is just work, and it’s what fills the spaces that is more important.

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