This’ll be a short one, because I’m currently on St. Simons Island for a wedding…I love that I’m here to celebrate with Morgan and Daniel!

BUT, I really wanted to share with those of you who faithfully read my blog that we caught TWO bears this week!  Two!  We caught one Monday morning:
#137 70lb male yearling

 The workup went without a hiccup, and we now have data from him to add to the map that Hooker almost always has on his desktop.  It’s really neat to see the bear you touched and put a collar on via satellite information.  Really neat.  This guy was adorable.

The next bear we caught Thursday morning, so I came down to St. Simons dirty and covered in bear smell…but I don’t care.  Her workup also went off without a hitch, particularly since we carried her to the  porch of the abandoned cabin that was right next to the trap site.  Casey was in charge of this workup, and she walked me through how everything works.  She even let me do one of the ear tags (Yay!)!

115 lb female (estimated 2yrs old)
You know, the ticks are gross, dirt is gross, it sucks to get stuck in the mud in a 2 wheel drive truck, the mosquitoes are annoying, and it’s hot.  But mornings like this when we get a call from Hooker to come to a site, or evenings when we sit looking at Google Earth and bear movement…these moments make all of the bugs and mud worth it.

2 thoughts on “BEARS BEARS BEARS

  1. Thanks!
    1. They smell like…kind of like dogs, but not as “stinky,” they're a little “sweeter,” for lack of a better word.
    2. Not sure! My boss has satellites reporting to him with bear locations, but I doubt it's for the public at this point. Might have to wait till he publishes 🙂


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