Trying my hand at Psalm writing

1Praise the LORD,
   Maker of the Universe, defender of his creations.
2Praise the LORD, who created
   the birds, the mice, the moss, the flowers;
who created the oceans, the mountains, the tigers, the elephants.
3Praise the LORD,
   whose power and whose creations are never ending.
   4The birds of the sky have none of the same feathers.
   The fish of the seas have none of the same scales.
   5No two striped, spotted, splotched or patterned beasts are the same.
   No two men are alike, from
fingerprints to eyelashes, they are different.
   6Each creation on this earth has a place, has a purpose,
            has a father.
7Praise the LORD, O the Earth.
Praise the LORD.
   8You brought each creature into this world.
   You provide each hair, feather, and scale.
   9You feed all living things with air, minerals, water, plants, and meat.
   You give everything life.
10You know each bird of paradise by name.
   You recognize each mountain as your own.
11You know when the platypus and the echidna lay their eggs
            and give their milk.
   You cool the desert creatures by night,
            and enlighten them by day.
12You buoy the sea otters as they eat.
   You hold up the sequoias and the redwoods,
            like your cedars of Lebanon.
13You give the laughter to the streams and the hyenas.
14You hold the koalas as they slumber, and you hold the
            colugos and squirrels as they fly.
15You are the reason the wolves howl and the auroras dance.
16Praise the LORD, O the Earth!
Praise the LORD of life!

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